Janelle has been cutting my hair for about six months now and always does a great job.  Her new salon suite is great!  Definitely recommended for anybody looking to step up from some of the chains out there!
Joe N.

I have been getting my haircut by Janelle for about a year now.  Her shop is a warm, welcome, and relaxing environment.  The small shop and privacy is enjoyable as you don’t have to compete or talk over anybody else to have a conversation or discuss what you want done to your hair.  Janelle does a great job and is patient.  She is also very personable and has a great sense of humor to match.
Justin W.

Janelle is truly amazing.  When you find that one good barber, you just can’t let them go.  She has been cutting my hair for over 3 years pretty much weekly.  Always friendly and inviting and now with her own shop, it’s truly spectacular.  My son always ask when he can go back for his turn.  Get your haircut, relax and enjoy a beverage.  You will not be disappointed at Shipwrecked.
Adrian P.

Janelle has been cutting my hair for around two years now and I wouldn’t consider going to anyone else.  She’s incredibly talented and a pleasure to be around while she does her work.  I love her new setup and can’t wait to visit her again!
Bryan S.

Look no further……..this is the place when in need of a trim, a beverage and some great conversation by a highly skilled and quite professional artist (and she’s a barber, too). It’s far more than just a haircut……..it’s an experience.
Zack W.

Janelle is the best!!! She has been cutting my hair for three years now and I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Super excited that she opened her own place!
Justin B.

Remember that one time when you finally spent some money on yourself and went and got a fantastic haircut that was punctuated by the most amazing hair wash/head massage you ever imagined? Oh that’s right, you’re reading this so you probably have not yet had the pleasure of what I’m describing above. Let me tell you, you’re missing out.

Janelle’s work goes without saying. Whether you’re looking to get lined up, faded, tapered, a straight-blade razor shave, or are simply ready to finally get rid of that millennial mullet known as the man bun, Janelle is on top of what will get you the look you want. Fringe benefits of a weekly sesh with Janelle? She’s a great listener! The advice and perspective she has been able to offer me in that time has certainly made my weekly appointment a must. I’ve been with her for a while and followed her from another location. She is that good. For what amounts to less than HALF, yes HALF, the cost of your local trendy coffee drink you buy every day, you could max and relax weekly. Do it. Send me a thank you later.

Benjamin S.

Never would I have thought that I had somewhere to go for more than just an amazing haircut. Janelle is not only a fantastic barber, but she is a therapist and friend. Her finely tuned skills give me a clean and perfect haircut every time, but SHE keeps me coming back. This is where I go when I am getting shaggy, want to relax, and enjoy a beer while being taken care of. Don’t look any further for an incredible experience and haircut.
James K.

Janelle is a professional, listens to the customer, takes her time, nice finishing touch. Great value.
Dan R.

Absolutely amazing service! I’ve been getting my hair styled by her for years now and not a single complaint! I recommend Janelle to all of my friends! Love the environment she offers!
Justin A.

I have been getting my haircut by Janelle for about a year now.  Her shop is a warm, welcome, and relaxing environment.  The small shop and privacy is enjoyable as you don’t have to compete or talk over anybody else to have a conversation or discuss what you want done to your hair.  Janelle does a great job and is patient.  She is also very personable and has a great sense of humor to match.
Justin W.

I have been a client of Janelle’s for about a year, and have come to look forward to my visits with her.  I am so excited for her to be out on her own running her own business.  Not only is she an incredibly talented barber & stylist, but even more importantly is a wonderful human being.  She is kind and sensitive and takes the time and great care to make her clients feel pampered and well cared-for.  Whether you come to see her for an impeccable cut and soothing shampoo and scalp massage, or for an incredibly relaxing straight razor shave (which is amazing!), you will not be disappointed.  I love to support talented entrepreneurs, who are also really good people, and Janelle and her Shipwrecked Barbershop are both.
Keith G.

Janelle combines everything you would want in a barber shop.  Superb haircut, scalp massage, straight razor neck shave, hair washed after cut and always a great conversation.
William A

Janelle is fantastic!  She gives a great cut and scalp massage.  Almost equally important is she has a great personality.  She seems to be able to read your mood when you walk in and talk just the right amount.  I’ve been going to her for years and am so excited that she finally has her own place!
Darren M.

Janelle is amazing!  She has been cutting my hair for a couple years and I absolutely love the cut every time!  Great shampoo and head massage, and love the razor shave on the back of the neck.  The personalized service and attention to detail are excellent.  Love this place!!
Abe K.

GO HERE!  That’s all I should have to say.  Just do as you are TOLD YELP! HUMANS! 😀 Janelle is awesome and you’ll have a great experience.  Plan ahead!  Her schedule fills up because people like her and her hair art!
Derek L.

Deciding to give up on cheap haircuts for my two boys was the best decision I ever made!!  After doing some research this last summer, I decided to go to Janelle for my 13 year old’s first haircut from a real barber.  After that first visit, we were hooked!  Janelle has the highest level of customer service and professionalism.  This is evident as you first walk into her room.  She makes both of my boys feel extremely comfortable as she patiently listens to the style they want.  It’s amazing how we can show her a picture of a style and she does an even better job with the cut than what is shown to her.  Both my boys love Janelle and look forward to getting their fresh cuts.
We feel she is more than reasonably priced for the service you get.  Do yourself a favor and give Shipwrecked Barbershop a try!!
L H.

I have always hated getting a haircut. Too quick, took too long, waited or got right in…Hated It! Paid $20, paid $75…the result every time= ugh.  I just received the only haircut I love! Loved sitting in her chair, loved talking to a bright, caring, attractive female who seemed interested in me and how I wanted my hair cut.  Go see Janelle and love your haircut…Pay money, Get exactly what you want ?

Janelle has a pair of the best hands in the business! And, her fades and straight-razor skills are impeccable on all grades of hair!
Robert S.

I had my hair cut and my beard trimmed by Janelle for the first time recently and she did a phenomenal job. She managed to get my cowlick to stay down. I’ve always dealt with a difficult cowlick and I had come to accept it was because of the way my hair grew. But after Janelle cut my hair, it almost naturally stayed down. Janelle gave me a strong haircut that was easy to do every morning and it grew out great. I texted her this morning to make an appointment and she texted me right back with same day availability. I got another fantastic hair cut and signed up for the membership. If you’re looking for a hairdresser, I highly recommend Janelle. I won’t be going anywhere else from now on.
Tim B.

Janelle has been cutting my hair for the past couple years. I came to her because I was desperate to find a consistent barber that can deliver consistent results. The SportsClips style cuts was just not doing it for me anymore. Janelle has been FANTASTIC! I will not get my hair cut by anyone else anymore. Check Shipwrecked out….you won’t be disappointed!
Adam C.

I was in town from San Diego for training for a few weeks and looked up Shipwrecked on yelp for a trim. I’m pretty picky about my barbers and took a chance going off the yelp reviews and I’m glad I did. I got an appointment on Saturday morning within a hour and a half after texting her (pretty quick for the weekend) Janelle was very nice, the shop was clean and she offered me a cold one as soon as I walked in. My hair looks great and I couldn’t be happier. Bottom line her attitude, service, and quality are top notch and if I’m in the area again I’ll be back.
Jason L.

I went to see Janelle after recently moving to the area. I have to say, Janelle’s shop is great! I’ve been looking for a place like this forever. I love how it’s one on one; it’s not a room full of chairs and crowded with people, just you and Janelle. The atmosphere is great and Janelle makes you feel at ease; very engaging in conversation, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t like to talk a whole lot. I have to say, the scalp massage was amazing, and the haircut was also exceptional. She consistently makes sure you like how your haircut is going and makes any changes to your liking. I highly recommend and will definitely be returning.
Anthony V.

Loved my haircut! Janelle is an artist and will make you look great. She is also a wonderful conversationalist. I really enjoyed the experience.  Would definitely recommend.
Eric B.

Quit being cheap and go to Shipwrecked and see Janelle, absolutely worth your money and time. Have a beer get a great haircut and maybe a shampoo or beard trim whatever you need she knows how to do it at the highest level a definite throwback to a day when customer service meant something, you can tell she truly cares about her customers. You should definitely check her out you won’t be disappointed.
Ron C.

Very pleased with my haircut, great setting. Janelle takes out the time to understand the type of haircut/service you need.
Johnny M.

The best barber in town hands down. She is very responsive and easy to get a hold of. Great hair cuts and always a wonderful conversation. Thank you Janelle!
Santiago C.

Janel was introduced to me by personal recommendation and she has been taking good care of me ever since. She does excellent work which is validated by family, friends, and co-workers who constantly complement me on my fresh cut.  If you are interested in looking good and in need of a great barber, I highly recommend Janel.
D C.

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